Ashland, Inc. Employees Volunteer to Get Their Hands Dirty for Nature!

By:  Laura Cook, Preserve Monitor Coordinator

On September 27, 2011, eight employees from the Lexington, KY branch of Ashland, Inc. put on their work gloves, muscles, and smiles and headed out to the Jim Beam Nature Preserve. This hard-working team worked with TNC staff and volunteers to eradicate the invasive Japanese honeysuckle near the entrance of the preserve and along the trail.  As you approach the gate to the preserve, there is now an unobstructed, beautiful view of the Palisades.

Volunteer Preserve Monitor Lynn Schwantes shows the Ashland, Inc. Crew the Ropes of Honeysuckle Eradication

It was a spectacular fall day, so after their hard work some of the Ashland employees hiked the trail at Jim Beam with our volunteer preserve monitor, Lynn Schwantes. Another group headed over to the Sally Brown Nature Preserve for a hike with Amanda Sparrow.

The Ashland, Inc. Crew Enjoy a Brief Break from a Day of Hard Work at the Jim Beam Nature Preserve

Thanks again to our volunteers at Ashland for taking time out of their busy day to help our stewardship efforts at the Jim Beam Nature Preserve.

Ashland, Inc. employees participate in our Volunteer Work Day.

If your company is interested in scheduling a work day at one of nature preserves, please contact Amanda Sparrow at