Feeling Good About Cleaning the Green

Written by guest blogger Garrett Powers, TNC’s Summer Marketing Intern Extraordinaire

A lot of people care about the environment. Really, they do. If given a choice over the opposite, people would opt for clean air, clean water, and clean land that ensures a healthy and happy life for everyone. Who wouldn’t? But a lot of people forget to channel this feeling of caring into something tangible–something they can actually do to make a difference.

The Nature Conservancy realizes this. We realize that there’s a fantastic opportunity to partner with community organizations to help keep Kentucky’s greatest treasures–our rivers and our lands–pristine and healthy. That’s why we work alongside the Kentucky Waterways Alliance each year to sponsor a series of Clean the Green River Cleanups. The idea is simple: waste and debris (like tires, air conditioners, and plastic bags) accumulates at the bottom of the Green on a fairly regular basis. This trash is an obvious risk to the health of the river and its population of freshwater mussels and fish. At Clean the Green cleanups, people come together and canoe down a stretch of the river, collecting trash as they go.

At the Clean the Green event in Munfordville a few weeks ago, over 150 volunteers came together to help clean their river. At the end of the day, over two trailers full of tires were removed from an 8 mile stretch of the Green.


The paddlers’ quarry is often surprising. This giant tractor tire proved a challenge to hoist up the river bank.

We have another opportunity to clean the Green on Saturday, August 4 in Greenville. Our family-friendly cleanups are designed to be easy, leisurely paddling for the amateur canoer. Plus, there will be free lunch, snacks, t-shirts, water bottles, and even a kayak giveaway!

For more information (Where is it? What should I bring? Will the tires pulled from the river be recycled?)  and to RSVP, just click here. This is your chance to take part in keeping your Green River clean!