LEAF Interns come to Kentucky!

ImageWelcome LEAF Interns to the Bluegrass State! The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky is happy to have you and hope you have a joyous month protecting nature and preserving life.

Under the guidance of Chris Minor, Director of Land Management/Fire Manager, our interns will, among other things, get GPS training, assist with trail work, learn about mussel re-introduction, perform preserve maintenance duties and meet with Kentucky legislators and lobbyists. If only they could get a private tour of non-public caves. Oh. They are.

In other words… can we all be Chris’ interns?

Who are these lucky LEAFers?

 ImageSierra Beasley

What does a 3.5 GPA-er who aspires to be a neuroscientist and child psychiatrist do when she is not “CEO for a Day”? She teaches herself Japanese. Doesn’t everyone? Sierra is a star Girl Scout who is on the engineering track at Arabia Mountain High School located in Atlanta, GA. For an EIC (Using the Environment as an Integrating Context for Learning) project she built a compost bin from used plastic bottles and recycled wood. She plays the clarinet. Of course she does. And when she gets a break from being in the school’s flag corp, she relaxes to the sounds of alternative rock. Avert your eyes.


Dondra Fergerson

You know you are headed for greatness when you can deftly balance being a People-to-People ambassador to China with volunteering at MedShare; travelling elegantly between the worlds of white water rafting and the National Honor Society; insouciantly dabbling in varsity basketball and, let’s just say… National Beta Club. And when, in the near future, Dondra is filling your cavity from her private office in a LEED certified building at one of the first environmentally conscious dental practices in the world, remember– she has a 4.026 GPA. Here, a dose of nitrous oxide for everyone.

 ImageKiara Knight

Have you ever wanted to be an oceanographer? Have you ever waxed poetic about marine biology?  On your time off, do you say to yourself, “Let me go bouldering?” Have you renewed your membership to Future Farmers of America? And when was the last time you went on a night hike to study animal tracks? Did the book So Be It change your life? Are you or have you ever been in a marching band? Do you even fly kites? No? Well, you, sir/madam, are no Kiara Knight.

Welcome to Kentucky ladies!!!