Youth Helps at Sally Brown Nature Preserve!


By: Ken Brooks, Sally Brown Preserve Monitor, The Nature Conservancy


For the last two years, The Nature Conservancy and its volunteers have been hard at work reducing the bush honeysuckle along the Crutcher  Hiking Trail at the Sally Brown Nature Preserve.  The long term goal is to remove the invasive plant at least along the hiking trails of the preserve and then continue annual maintenance to keep it out.  While there are lots of invasive plants in the preserve, bush honeysuckle has been a special focus because it spreads so rapidly and so significantly limits the native wildflowers.

Thirteen high school students worked with four Nature Conservancy volunteers and also enjoyed a campfire lunch and hike in the preserve this past Saturday. Some of these students are part of The Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council which involves students from Lexington area high schools in sustainability issues.  Some activities are primarily learning opportunities.  Others, like the work completed this past Saturday, are community service events intended to create a more sustainable environment. Additional Volunteers this year have included groups from Central Kentucky work places and students from local higher education institutions.

ImageThe Palisades Nature Preserves – Tom Dorman State Nature Preserve and the Jim Beam, Tom Dupree, Sally Brown, Crutcher, and Wallace Nature Conservancy Preserves – all are unique geologic settings with very diverse plants and animals.  All are negatively impacted by foreign plants that have been introduced into the Bluegrass.  Removing bush honeysuckle will increase the number of beautiful and unique wildflowers visible from the hiking trails at Sally Brown.

All these Palisades Nature Preserves are open daily from daylight until dark and all have hiking trails.  Enjoy the fall weather and go for a hike!